About Us

The story of Valley Cycles begins with its owner Kurt Winter. Raised in Hollywood in the 1960’s, Kurt spent his formative teen years playing rock & roll, and riding motorcycles, the seemingly quintinsential lifestyle of the times. After nearly completeing a bachelors degree in mathematics, this one time aspiring educator turned his attention to a more immediate matter, making a living. His love of motorcycles and a penchant for tinkering soon combined together, and in 1978 Kurt established Valley Cycles, a motorcycle sales and service business.

Located in the 8100 block of Sepulveda Blvd, in Van Nuys, CA., he was located just two doors north of a Los Angeles restaurant hot spot, Dr. Hogley Wogley’s Tyler Texas Bar-B-Que, still some of best Bar-B-Que to be found in the LA area. Kurt soon earned a reputation for high quality work and excellent service. I personally purchased my first motorcycle from Kurt in 1981, a ’72 CB500Four, that I still ride today. After 11 years at this location, a change of scene was in order. His new location………..

Valley Cycles 1978 – 1989

Reseda, CA. With a new larger showroom, Kurt’s business continued to grow, as did the CB750 Preservation Society. Pictured at left is a gathering of the “society” in front of the Reseda store, preparing for a club ride. Kurt’s passion for the Honda CB750K prompted him and a friend to create the “society” as a way to unite fellow CB750 enthusiasts. As can be seen from the picture, the “society” has a good following, drawing fellow riders from all over Southern California, as well as out-of-state.

Valley Cycles continued in this location until 1999, when, once again, Kurt moved his operation. This time in order to offer customers even more, he re-opened his shop behind Cycle Rider, in Chatsworth, CA. This provides motorcycling enthusiasts with a one-stop location for both motorcycle service and accessories. Now at his new location, Kurt’s business is thriving. In addition to his interest in restoring motorcycles, Kurt is an avid off-roader often taking his 3 children dirt-riding on sundays.


Kurt sporting his 1993 El Camino Vintage Motorcycle Show Trophy for his 1970 CB750. This particular bike was also featured at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles for several years. Kurt’s personal collection has netted him five show trophies, including one from the prestigious Del Mar Concours d’Elegance Show in 1995.


The Master at work. Sure to be another one of Kurt’s resurrected classics, almost assuredly still on the road today, or hidden away in a private collection somewhere – some even went back to Japan.